"I can tell you without a doubt in my soul, he was an answered prayer."

  ✺ Gala - GA, USA

Luka Reedy has over 220,000 followers on social media where he creates and shares content that helps empower women so they can get better men.

As a counsellor, hypnotherapist and relationship coach he is helping women around the world heal their bad relationships from the past so they can have healthy and successful relationships now.

His passion for this work has come from the experiences he had as a child growing up around domestic violence and addiction issues.

Luka and his wife continue to do this work through their online courses, coaching and retreats.

"I have been "in love" with someone dangerous for the last 3+ years. Luka helped me dissect a single text message and from then on, that boy was out of sight out of mind. Nobody else could help me see that. I am forever grateful to be free of that situation ship."

✺ Kate - TX, USA

"The power of one session with this man is almost beyond words to describe. His ability to read and feel the energy of your situation is like nothing I've ever experienced. I have walked away from my last 2 sessions quoting both times. "I just had a forever life-altering session" and that's the truth."

✺ Krystal - Australia

"Luka helped me fully heal my sexual assault which had me experience some bad relationships and 4 months after working with him I met my now fiance and soul mate."

✺ Dani - Australia

✺ this is for the woman that has it all, except love.

✺ this is for the woman that desires a man that will sweep her off her feet

✺ this is for the woman that has been in a perpetual cycle of below average men

✺ this is for the woman that is on the verge of giving up on love because she has had so many negative experiences

✺ this is for the woman that doesn’t know why she keeps attracting the same type of guy no matter what she does

✺ this is for the woman that is finally ready to make a change

✺ this is for the woman that is done hearing the opinion of all her girlfriends and wants a mans perspective

✺ this is for the woman that is ready for love

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Create Thriving Relationships.
Become Emotionally Free.
Feel Empowered in Your Self.

"8 months later, after growing to a place with Luka where I was so comfortable with myself and who I was... I fell in love! I fell in love with the kind of man I had been deeply desiring my whole life!!! The thing is, I didn't have to prove myself to this man, I didn't have to audition myself for him.... he already valued me for me and was also a man who could own himself while making me feel safe! I honestly couldn't be happier!"

✺ TJ - Australia

 "The most healing thing that I believe everyone deserves to feel. I’ll be forever grateful for Luka."

 Indy - PA, USA