Which means you don’t want to be held back by limiting beliefs, shaken by criticism, or ruled by your emotions.

You want to be audacious and in charge. You want to inspire people, move so confidently that people feel your energy before you enter the room, and unlock every bit of potential inside you. You want to feel and express the potency that comes with that exclusive potential.

I have helped entrepreneurs, teachers, psychologists, coaches, and creators move beyond their limitations and access a new level of life.

As an emotional strategist, breakthrough coach, and trained therapist, I have a unique approach to personal growth.

My approach is simple: Clear the noise. Find the self. Create.

When you work with me you become someone who:

✔️ Embraces challenges with resilience and strength.

✔️ Trusts their instincts and the journey.

✔️ Knows where they're going and what they want.

✔️ Channels their energy with focus and intention.

✔️ Sets clear boundaries and isn't afraid to say no.

✔️ Cultivates emotional clarity and brings a sense of ease to every situation.

✔️ Is driven by their vision and committed to making it a reality.

✔️ Inspires others with their positive energy and unstoppable spirit.


"I've experienced so many modalities of self-work, from plant medicines to silent meditation retreats, but a brief conversation with Luka was just as potent as any of these".

Dan Herron



I was totally broke, I just couldn't keep money. Now I tell everyone that Luka helped me get to where I am now making $400,000 a year, full-time travel, dream job, exciting life of fashion photography, a loving boyfriend, being published and having a house on the beach. 


I’m. . . Different. I feel as if I am vibrating on a higher frequency or something. Like my mind is not cluttered or chaotic like I’m clear. Like nothing is a problem. Everything and everyone just ‘IS’ 🤯🤯🤯 He has literally changed the trajectory of my life.


I worked with Luka for 6 months and it completely changed my life. His support and guidance were everything I didn’t know I needed. His wisdom and loving energy were a blessing. I can tell you without a doubt in my soul, he was an answered prayer.


There were so many times that I said “I’ve never told anyone this before”. I feel like a heavy veil has been lifted from me and I’ve elevated to a new level of existence. The reformation of my perspective on life is truly transformative and I attribute this to the work I was able to do with Luka.


I’m so grateful to have met and worked with Luka. After each call, I walked away feeling so empowered, like I can do anything. Putting in the work really changes your life. I can’t wait to work with him again and dig deeper.


Since meeting Luka he’s skyrocketed me on this trajectory that I could not have imagined for myself.


Working with Luka is more than working with a therapist who is trying to figure you out, it’s working with someone who sees every aspect of you and loves you for those aspects. The most healing thing that I believe everyone deserves to feel. I’ll be forever grateful for Luka.


It was indescribable. I had longed for that moment my entire life and Luka got me there! He has forever changed my life, and I couldn't be any more grateful.


His passion and drive to get others to step into their power and become the people they want to become is so inspiring! I am so grateful to have come across Luka Reedy's work. 


Luka's way of getting you to open up and explore the intricacies of life events allowed me to really understand what my 'truth' is. Luka has left a lasting impression for sure.


Since working with him I am able to truly see myself, undoubtedly love myself, and trust that I know what's best for me. Trust, patience, and compassion was the triple threat I always needed but had a hard time keeping until Luka.


I tapped into places I hadn’t in a long time if ever. Thank you Luka for helping me find Jess again, I haven’t been happier than I am now being my whole self again.