"I've experienced so many modalities of self-work, from plant medicines to silent meditation retreats, but a brief conversation with Luka was just as potent as any of these".

Dan Herron

What is Energetic Coaching?

Every object of matter is made up of energy, including every person, event, and circumstance.

You are a collection of energy and are always expressing the energy stored within you.

Thoughts, behaviour, feelings, and actions are the main areas where your energy is expressed.

The way you react to others, project your inner feelings, your patterns of behaviour, your stories, and the beliefs you hold are all energetic expressions.

Energy has no limits. Yet most of us on Earth believe, that in a certain capacity, we are limited.

This is the grand illusion that I seek to awaken you from.

Your internal limitations are creating external limitations.

The outside world reflects how you feel inside.

You are always manifesting. But are you manifesting from your power or your pain?

Energetic coaching is designed to allow you to release these forms of energy that are blocking you from embodying your highest potential. Your highest energetic expression.

Your Truest Self.

Whether it's cultivating a healthier relationship with yourself, unblocking your beliefs about money, calling in your soul mate, aligning with your destiny, or manifesting your vision, all of it shares a common theme: the flow of your energy.

I’m Luka.

I am a Therapist and coach and I work with you to heal in a radical new way. 

I help
divinely-inspired humans unlock their internal limitations, activate their authenticity, step into alignment with their desires and awaken the frequency of their future so they can live a life they deeply desire.

Are you ready?

What's involved?

You will embark on a 6-month life-changing journey with Luka to release your internal limitations and embody your highest divine energetic expression.

 During the program, you will have:

⟴ 12 x 90-minute video calls with Luka

⟴ Energetic Guidance & Accountability between calls

⟴ Voice & text message support with Luka on Telegram (9:5 Mon-Fri)

⟴ Emailed summaries of each call

I have a unique set of gifts to see the divine working magically in your life.

Your highest, most magnetic, and loving frequency awaits you.

$5,999 PAY IN FULL

Payment Plan

6 installments of $999

*All prices in USD


Hear from others who have worked with me... 


I know it’s still kinda early (it’s only been a few days) but I’m. . . Different. I feel as if I am vibrating on a higher frequency or something. Like my mind is not cluttered or chaotic like I’m clear. Like nothing is a problem. Everything and everyone just ‘IS’ 🤯🤯🤯 He has literally changed the trajectory of my life in ways he will never even realize.


5 weeks working with Luka saw a new business idea birthed that completely aligns with my soul and mission in this life, I feel content and proud to be me just as I am and I have a fire in my belly that's driving me towards massive goals!


I was dealing with past trauma and Luka helped me calm down from my almost panic attack. During the hypnosis, I have never felt so relaxed before. Something shifted with my mindset and I felt so light after.


I can’t recommend this man enough. His calming nature and depth of connection took me to new levels of inner work. He worked tirelessly to unpack my story and used that to give me a much more heart-centered and spiritual approach to life.


After listening intently, he cut straight through the bullshit and told me exactly what I needed to hear. I was suffering from pretty severe insomnia when I contacted Luka. He somehow helped me unlock my ability to relax. Unbelievably, the night after speaking to him I slept for 18 hours. I've experienced so many modalities of self-work, from plant medicines to silent meditation retreats, but a brief conversation with Luka was just as potent as any of these.


Luka helped lead me to my inner child in one of our sessions. Which happened to be one of the most intense moments of my life. It was indescribable. I had longed for that moment my entire life and Luka got me there! He has forever changed my life, and I couldn't be any more grateful. I suggest Luka truly is professional, genuine, and kind-hearted. If you're seeing this, then it's your sign to book your sessions with him now!! You will not be disappointed!

P. J 

When I started the course I was looking for a way to find forgiveness for people that had deeply hurt me. Unable to move beyond childhood traumas, I held on to anger and was unable to forgive those people that had hurt me. I am able to not only find forgiveness but even feeling thankful for the lessons I learned.  Luka helped me to find my life purpose. Thanks, Luka for sharing your tremendous insights! I am forever grateful! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


With the help of Luka, I was able to recognize how and why the same patterns, situations, issues would come up for me. I let go of judging myself and instead of comparing myself to others, I started to compare myself to yesterday. I started to look back at situations and really understood why every action I took was important and necessary. I am now able to slow down, pay attention and stay connected with everything in my life. Luka will always have such a special space in my heart.


Luka helps you dig deep into finding the root cause of the pain that you are experiencing. The impact that this has had in my life, is that I am seeing things in a different light, and began to realize that I am the cause of everything that happens in my life.


Since meeting Luka he’s skyrocketed me on this trajectory that I could not have imagined for myself.


Since working with Luka I wake up differently, I get out of bed with a bit more spring in my step and I have more tools in my bag to get the best out of each day.


Luka has a powerful gift of understanding one’s limiting thoughts and eliminating the associated negative energy so that one can live a life by design, a life full of self-worth, and a life with true meaning.


His passion and drive to get others to step into their power and become the people they want to become is so inspiring! He will help you get through past challenges and provide the perspective to allow you to take actionable steps to become the person you want to be! I am so grateful to have come across Luka Reedy's work. 


Luka's way of getting you to open up and explore the intricacies of life events (even those that never seemed all that impacting) allowed me to really understand what my 'truth' is. I have full belief that I did this work at the right time for me, and Luka has left a lasting impression for sure.


Since working with him I am able to truly see myself, undoubtedly love myself, and trust that I know what's best for me. Trust was something I always lacked and Luka helped me obtain trust in myself, in my life's path, and those I love around me. Trust, patience, and compassion was the triple threat I always needed but had a hard time keeping until Luka.


I was holding on to so much anger and resentment, which I was unable to let go of. I was constantly attracting the same circumstances in my life, and this entire year, I simply felt 'stuck'.  I have made more progress in 4 weeks than I have this entire year, and for that, I Thank You from the bottom of my heart, Luka!


This course truly was so impactful for me. The entire experience of change your reality did just that - changed my reality and for that, I am truly thankful to Luka. I look so forward to working with Luka in the future. I completely and whole-heartedly trust him with my innermost fears and truths.


A few months ago, I was kind of at a low point in life. I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and sign up for his course, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made all year. I’m starting to feel like my life has a purpose again. If anyone is debating signing up, just do it! You won’t regret it.